JRNY™ Digital Fitness Platform FAQ

JRNY™ Membership Features

Which BowFlex® home fitness products are compatible with the JRNY™ digital fitness platform?

Built-in touchscreen experience is available for: BowFlex® VeloCore® 16/22 bikes, C7 bike, Max Total® 40 machine, Max Trainer® M9 machine, Max Total® machine, and Treadmills 56, 25 and 18.

JRNY™ app for phone or tablet is available for: BowFlex® C6 bike, Max Trainer® M8 and M6 machines, BXT326, 226, 128 and BXT8Ji treadmills, SelectTech 552 and 1090 dumbbells, SelectTech 840 Kettlebell, SelectTech 2080 Barbell w/ Curl Bar, and Schwinn® 800IC bike.

Pair your JRNY™ app to expand your fitness experience.

What's included with my JRNY™ Membership?

Fitness Assessment – After assessing your fitness level, the JRNY™ platform designs workouts tailored to you and your personal fitness journey.

Just For You – The JRNY™ platform gets to know you by assessing your fitness level and recommending workouts based on your abilities, available time, mood, and the workout experiences you like best.

Adaptive Workouts – The JRNY™ platform uses machine learning to create personalized workouts that automatically adjust over time as you progress on your fitness journey.

Streaming Entertainment – If your product has a touchscreen, you can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (streaming subscriptions not included). Feature not available on the JRNY™ app for phone or tablet.

Layer Your Workouts – If your product has a touchscreen, you can seamlessly layer your workouts with streaming entertainment, virtual locations around the world, and BowFlex Radio. Streaming entertainment and BowFlex Radio not available on the JRNY™ app for phone or tablet.

Explore the World – Take an adventure through 200+ scenic destinations around the planet that match your speed.

On-Demand Classes – Explore our library of on-demand classes and find the personality that motivates you most.

Real-Time Coaching – Keeps you focused on hitting your adaptive workout targets and guides you every step of the way.

Curated Music Playlists – Fuel your pace goals with an ever-changing lineup of new BowFlex Radio playlists like pop, country, hip hop, 80's, and more.

Rewards & Tracking – Captures your metrics and celebrates your success as you cruise past milestones, achievements, and personal bests.

How do adaptive workouts work?

First, the JRNY™ platform assesses your fitness level and designs workouts tailored to you and your personal fitness journey. Then, the JRNY™ platform recommends workouts based on your abilities and the workout experiences you favor. Finally, your JRNY™ workouts automatically adjust over time as you progress. The more you improve, the more your workouts adapt to keep you challenged. This removes the guesswork and creates a personalized fitness plan you can stick to for long-term success.

How does real-time coaching work?

Real-time coaching keeps you on track with your adaptive workout programming and motivates you every step of the way. If you are surpassing or not quite reaching your calorie-burn targets, our coach encourages you to slow down or speed up to ensure you're still on target. Your success is celebrated as you cruise past milestones, achievements, and personal bests.

Do JRNY™ workouts automatically adjust resistance, incline, or speed?

No. The JRNY™ digital fitness platform provides you with total control over your settings.

How many individual user profiles can I set up for my household?

Unlimited user profiles are available for all products except for:

  • M8: 4 user profiles
  • M6: 2 user profiles
  • BXT326: 4 user profiles
  • BXT226: 4 user profiles
  • BXT128: 4 user profiles
  • BXT8Ji: 4 user profiles
  • C6: 1 user profile
Does my JRNY™ Membership work for all family user profiles on my bike, treadmill, or Max Trainer?

Yes. One single JRNY™ Membership covers any household member who has a user profile associated with your bike, treadmill, or Max Trainer.

What's available on the console without a JRNY™ membership?

You'll get the most out of your product when paired with a JRNY™ Membership. However, the JRNY™ platform does offer manual mode, the fitness assessment workout, a few videos, and awards without a membership.

If my product has a built-in touchscreen, can I view a summary of my workout metrics from the JRNY™ app on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can view a summary of your workouts from phones or tablets that work with the JRNY™ app.

If my product has a built-in touchscreen, can I access my workout programming from the JRNY™ app on my phone or tablet?

You can view a summary of your workouts from your phone or tablet using the JRNY™ app. However, workout programming from the JRNY™ app via phone or tablet is unavailable and must be accessed through the built-in touchscreen.

JRNY™ Membership Details

How much does a JRNY™ Membership cost?

You can check the membership costs by using the JRNY™ app and going to Profile > Subscription. Free 2-month membership included. After the free trial ends, your subscription will automatically renew at the monthly rate unless canceled at least 48 hours before the end of the trial period.

Can I purchase more than one membership? Do I need more than one?

Membership benefits will be shared to all users on any JRNY-compatible machine. Strength & Whole Body users without a built-in touchscreen or Bluetooth-compatible machine will require their own membership.

What happens when I cancel my JRNY™ Membership prior to the renewal or full-term of purchase?

Upon cancellation, you will still be able to use JRNY™ Membership features for the remainder of your billing period, except in the case of a refund. At the conclusion of the billing period, your membership will officially end.

How do I cancel my JRNY™ Membership?

If you purchased your JRNY™ Membership through the App Store or Google Play, follow the instructions below:

  • App Store: Navigate to Profile > Subscription > Follow account management instructions.
  • Google Play: Navigate to Profile > Subscription > Follow account management instructions.

Fitness Assessment

What is the fitness assessment?

The initial fitness assessment is a single workout that determines a unique starting point for your personalized fitness journey.

Can I retake the fitness assessment?

Yes. You can retake it as many times as you'd like.

How do I complete the fitness assessment?

The JRNY™ platform will guide you through your fitness assessment. Simply launch the fitness assessment and follow the on-screen instructions and audio coaching.

Navigation Within the JRNY™ Digital Fitness Platform

How do I navigate to a different screen within the JRNY™ platform or JRNY™ app?

Look for the "three horizontal line", or "hamburger" button for a dropdown menu.

What is the Workouts tab?

The Workouts tab has "Just For You", Programs, Explore the World, Trainer-Led Videos, Favorites, and Learn.

What is the Journal tab?

The Journal tab is where you can view workout history along with awards you've earned along the way.

What is the Profile tab?

The Profile tab allows you to manage your account, preferences, settings, profile information, and adjust your goals.

JRNY™ for Built-in Touchscreen Products: General Questions & Troubleshooting

How can I share data with other programs like Apple Health?

To share with Apple Health, navigate to Profile on your iOS device.

What happens if there is a brief issue with my Wi-Fi connection during a workout?

A pop-up will appear, indicating that there is no connection and that the JRNY™ platform will continue attempts to reconnect. After 30 seconds, your workout will automatically stop and save progress to your Journal.

Can I share my JRNY™ platform user profile with someone else in my household?

We don't recommend it. JRNY™ adaptive workouts and content recommendations are based on your unique workout history. Take advantage of the JRNY™ platform's unlimited user profiles across all products (except for the Max Trainer M8 and M6, BXT326, 226, & 128 treadmills, and C6 bike).

  • M8: 4 user profiles
  • M6: 2 user profiles
  • BXT326: 4 user profiles
  • BXT226: 4 user profiles
  • BXT128: 4 user profiles
  • C6: 1 user profile
Can I delete workouts from my Workout log?


How do I adjust my goals?

Profile > Manage Goals > Choose any goal under "Fitness Goals" > Save.

How do I recover my password?

At the login screen, select "Forgot Password". This will send a new confirmation code to your email address which can be used to reset your password.

What does the confirmation code email look like?

You will receive an email from noreply@verificationemail.com containing your code in the body text of the email. You must enter this code within the JRNY™ platform to verify your account.

How long does the confirmation code remain valid?

Your code is valid for 24 hours.

How do JRNY™ platform updates work on JRNY-enabled products?

Updates are downloaded automatically.

How do firmware updates work on JRNY-enabled products?

After connecting to your product, you may see a "Console Update Required" alert. Follow these instructions to update your product. You'll be unable to use the JRNY™ platform until the firmware update is complete.

  1. Tap the "Update" button in the alert.
  2. Read the requirements for a successful update.
  3. Press the "Start Update" button at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the very bottom if necessary.
  4. When prompted, press the "Enter" button on your product.
  5. When the progress bar is complete, "Update Complete" will appear with a green checkmark.
  6. Power cycle your product by unplugging and re-plugging the power cord.
  7. After your product powers up, check the console and if necessary, wait for additional updates to finish. If "Power Cycle" appears again, unplug and re-plug the power cord.
  8. If prompted, enter the User Profile information on the console (see your user manual for steps).
  9. "Get Ready" will appear on your console. Tap the finish button. It may take a few seconds to become active.
  10. Update complete.
How do I know if I have a JRNY™ Membership?

Go to the Profile tab and look for "Membership: Yes/No". If you tap on this button, you can see if you have an active membership through BowFlex, App Store, or Google Play.

Why can't I hear real-time coaching on my device?

Make sure the ringer is not on mute and that the volume within the JRNY™ platform is turned up.

Can I use Bluetooth® devices for JRNY™ platform audio?


What do the sounds/tones during a JRNY™ workout mean?

In most cases, the sounds/tones mean that it's time to begin or end your current workout interval. You will also hear tones at the start of your workout, the end of your workout, and at milestones reached throughout your workout experience.

Can I turn off workout tones?

Yes. Turn the 'Tones' volume slider as far down as you'd like.

Can I mute voice coaching but keep the audio tones?

Yes. Turn the 'Trainer Voice' volume slider as far down as you'd like.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi/the internet for the JRNY™ platform to work?

Yes. The JRNY™ platform requires an internet connection for all functionality. However, your product itself does not require an internet connection for use.

What do I do if the JRNY™ platform is stuck on the loading screen?

If your product is stuck on a loading screen, unplug the product and then plug it back in.

JRNY™ App for Phone or Tablet: General Questions and Troubleshooting

Which products require me to use my own device to access the JRNY™ platform?

Products requiring you to bring your own device to access the JRNY™ platform include the Max Trainer M8 and M6 products and Results Series BXT326, 226 and 128 treadmills.

What devices are compatible with the JRNY™ app?

The JRNY™ app is compatible with Apple devices on iOS 14.0 or greater and most Android devices with version 9.0 or greater.

How does the JRNY™ app differ from the Max Trainer™ app?

The free Max Trainer™ app is only compatible with Max Trainer M5 and M7 cardio products. It features Journal, rewards, and statistics after a workout is stored on your phone or tablet. The Max Trainer™ app is currently available, but future plans are not currently defined.

I am using the JRNY™ app with my phone or tablet. How do app updates work?

Updates to your JRNY™ app will periodically be available within the App Store and Google Play. We recommend enabling automatic updates on your iOS or Android device to ensure that you are using the most up to date version of the JRNY™ app.

Why is the JRNY™ app taking longer to load on my Android device than it used to?

Long load time means the computational ability of your device is low. Power cycling the device will speed up loading time.

Why is my Android device crashing when I launch the JRNY™ app?

Crashing can occur when the computational ability of the device is low. Power cycling the device will increase computational ability and prevent crashing.

Does the JRNY™ app work in landscape mode?

Phones work in Portrait mode only. Tablets work in Landscape mode only.

How do I complete programs not featured in the JRNY™ app, such as Stairs or Calorie Burn?

These programs are only available on your Max Trainer M6 and M8. If you complete these pre-programmed workouts with the user profile selected with your JRNY™ app account, your workout history will be saved to your Journal the next time you sync the app.

JRNY™ App for Phone or Tablet: Pairing Your Device with Bluetooth®

How do I know if I have successfully paired my device to my product?
  1. Select the Bluetooth® logo and tap on the name of your product.
  2. Once connected, the console on your product will go dark and a Bluetooth® logo will appear.
  3. "App Connected" will display on your product's console.
What do I do if the JRNY™ app is stuck on the loading screen?
  1. Force-quit and re-open the app.
  2. Ensure that you are Bluetooth® connected to your product. Your console should be dark, the Bluetooth® logo in your JRNY™ app should be blue (not red), and "App Connected" will appear on your product console.
I can't pair my phone/tablet to my product. How can I troubleshoot my Bluetooth® connection?

Try the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the Bluetooth® settings on the phone or tablet are turned on.
  2. Make sure that your product is plugged in.
  3. Reboot your product by unplugging it. Then plug it back in. It will take about a minute for your product to start up completely.
  4. Force-quit the JRNY™ app and reopen it on your phone or tablet.
  5. Reboot your phone or tablet entirely.
Is it normal for my Max Trainer® M6/M8 console to go dark?

Yes. Once you've correctly paired your phone or tablet with your product, your product's console will go dark, and all data and resistance settings will be available for viewing through your phone/tablet during your workout.

Will my Max Trainer M6 and M8 workouts get recorded if my app is not connected?

Yes. To ensure that the JRNY™ platform records your offline workouts, your product will need to be set on the "User Number" associated with your machine. After the completion of any pre-programmed workout, "Workout Saved" should appear on your product's console. The next time you pair your JRNY™ app to your product, the app will automatically add offline workouts to your Journal.

Can I use Bluetooth® devices for JRNY™ app audio?


Need Additional Help?

How do I get help, give feedback, report a bug, or make a feature request?

We're happy to help. Please contact us within your JRNY™ platform via Profile > Feedback & Support.