M7 / M7i Assembly Video

Below assembly video applies to both the M7 and the M7i machines.

Video Transcript:

BowFlex Max Trainer M7 Assembly Video.

This video is intended to be a supplement to the assembly manual provided with your product. Please be sure to read your assembly manual thoroughly as it contains important safety warnings and assembly tips.

Step one, before beginning assembly please open all boxes to confirm that all parts necessary are present.

Step two, attach the rail assembly to the frame. This should be done using four socket head screws and washers. Hardware should only be hand tightened during this step. Because some components are heavy and awkward, we recommend using two people to complete the next couple of steps.

Step 3, release the frame from the shipping plate using a 13 millimeter wrench.

Step four, attach levelers to the stabilizer assembly.

Step five, have the second person carefully lift the frame assembly and attach to the stabilizer assembly by hand tightening four socket head screws and washers. Beginning with the hardware from step two, go back and tighten all the hardware.

Step 6, attach stabilizer shrouds to the frame assembly.

Step 7, using a Phillips head screw attach the rear shroud to the frame assembly, then insert the caps.

Step eight, attach the leg assembly with a socket head screw, washer, and cap. Repeat on the other side. Please note once leg assemblies are connected, if one moves the other does as well.

Step nine, attach the pedal to the leg assembly using two socket head screws, washer, and nut. Repeat on the other side.

Step ten, cut the shipping zip ties from the footpads. Attach the footpad to the pedal assembly using four socket head screws. Repeat on the other side.

Step eleven, cut the shipping zip tie from cables and attach cables to console assembly. Attach the console assembly to the main mast. Tighten all the hardware.

Step twelve, attach the upper handle bars to the frame assembly.

Step thirteen, connect the AC adapter to the frame assembly.

Step fourteen, inspect your machine carefully, making sure that all hardware is tight and components are installed properly before using your product.

Enjoy your BowFlex Max Trainer M7!