BowFlex Treadmill 18 Deck - default view
Incline workout on BowFlex Treadmill 18 - default view
BowFlex Treadmill 18 Folded for Storage - default view
BowFlex Treadmill 18 Console - default view
BowFlex Treadmill 18  - default view
BowFlex Treadmill 18--thumbnail
BowFlex Treadmill 18 Deck--thumbnail
Incline workout on BowFlex Treadmill 18--thumbnail
BowFlex Treadmill 18 Folded for Storage--thumbnail
BowFlex Treadmill 18 Console--thumbnail
BowFlex Treadmill 18 --thumbnail

BowFlex Treadmill 18


2-Month FREE Trial for New Members1

Currently only available in Europe

Product Overview

  • Built-in JRNY™ experience on HD touchscreen. Membership required for full JRNY™ experience.
  • 7" interactive console
  • HD touchscreen (Wi-Fi connection required)
  • 0 – 20 km/h
  • 15% motorized incline
  • 51 cm W x 152 cm L running path
  • Comfort Tech™ deck cushioning
  • SoftDrop™ folding system
  • Bluetooth® enabled for smart devices and heart rate monitors (Heart rate armband included)

Meet the treadmill that fuels your runner’s high.

The Treadmill 18 challenges your best effort, entertains your escapist needs, and keeps you accountable for the long haul. Walk, jog, or mad dash from one daily challenge to the next.

Woman running on Treadmill 18

World-class cardio that keeps you coming back.

Treadmill 18 comes with motorized incline up to 15%.

Increase the intensity with sky-high incline.

Elevate your running experience with high performance incline up to 15%.

Adaptive workouts on screen delivered via JRNY

Adaptive workouts keep you endlessly challenged.

Experience daily tailored workouts that automatically adapt as your fitness improves. JRNY Membership required.

See JRNY in action
Explore the world from your treadmill

Outdoor adventures from inside your living room.

Hike, run, or sprint through 200+ scenic destinations around the planet. JRNY Membership required.

Friendly virtual coaching while working out

Super-friendly virtual coaching.

Follow along with structured coaching that guides you through the highs and lows of every workout. JRNY Membership required.

Streaming services at your fingertips

Stream your favorite shows.

Binge your existing Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts from the HD touchscreen. JRNY Membership required. Streaming subscriptions not included.

Netflix Amazon Prime Video
Trainer-led videos

Trainer-led videos that inspire you.

Choose a trainer who inspires you for the days you need an additional pick-me-up. JRNY Membership required.

Track your workouts

Track metrics while torching milestones.

Track your progress with metrics, rewards, and personal bests. JRNY Membership required.

Listen to music while working out on the treadmill

Pace your race with curated playlists.

Discover an ever-changing lineup of new playlists to blast through the built-in Bluetooth® speakers. JRNY Membership required.

Additional features of the Treadmill 18.

Speed and Incline control.

Adjust on the fly without breaking your stride.

Comfort Tech™ deck cushioning.

Provides a softer landing and an extra spring in your step.

Speeds up to 12 mph.

Challenge your pace by kicking it into higher gear.

Heart rate hand grips.

Stay within your primary heart rate zone.

HD touchscreen.

Visualize your success in high definition.

15% Motorized Incline.

For the hills, highways, and everything in-between.

Built-in media shelf.

Holds your phone or tablet securely in place.

Bluetooth® HR armband.

For advanced heart rate training and tracking.

SoftDrop™ folding system.

Safely maximize space in nearly any room.

Specs & Dimensions

Treadmill 18 dimensions - 84.6 L x 36.3 W x 55.2 inches
Treadmill 18 dimensions folded - 52.5 L x 36.3 W x 67 inches


84.6" L x 36.3" W x 55.2" H

214.8 x 92.2 x 140.2 cm

Max User Weight

375 lbs.

170 kg

Assembled Weight

280 lbs.

127 kg

Min Ceiling Height

User Height + 21"

User Height + 53.3 cm

Console w/ HD Touchscreen


17.8 cm

Review Snapshot

by PowerReviews

1 This offer's availability is subject to change without notice. At end of free trial, JRNY membership automatically renews at current membership rates until canceled. JRNY is available in English language only. Manage or cancel your membership directly from your Apple ID or Google Account.