Bowflex BXT128 跑步机


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Bowflex BXT128 跑步机


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Bowflex Results Series™ BXT128 让您随心选择步行、慢跑或快跑模式,轻松获得非凡成效。BXT128 的规格视竞争性研究而定,自带诸多出众特性,例如带 USB 充电功能的便捷媒体支架、Comfort Tech™ 跑步平面支撑、一体式卡路里燃烧率控制台和内置扬声器。如果功能和价格实惠是您的关注点,那么 BXT128 绝对是您的理想选择。



  • 9 种预编程锻炼

  • 最高速度 19.3 千米/小时

  • 15 % 斜度

  • 耐用 3 层 2.5 毫米皮带

  • Easy SoftDrop™ 可收纳设计

  • 与免费 Results Series™ 应用程序轻松同步

    适用于 Apple iOS 和 Android 设备1
  • 兼容蓝牙® 4.0

  • 自动 3 速风扇

  • 一体式扬声器音响系统


1该应用程序与安装了 iOS 9.0 或更高版本系统的 Apple 设备以及安装了 5.0 或更高版本系统的大多数 Android 设备兼容。

Explore the World™ App*

Automatically adjusts to your speed as you run through virtual courses, exotic locales, and stunning trails from around the globe.

* Three free courses available. Unlock more with Explore the World™ app subscription.

Comfort Tech™

Finding a spacious deck that supports your body's needs is important. Our Comfort Tech™ is the gold standard for impact absorption, providing a softer and broader sweet spot for every step and unparalleled support. The spacious 51 cm x 152 cm running path was designed to simulate the freedom of the open road.

Soft Drop™ Technology

When it comes to saving space, we take pride in engineering compact products that fit in nearly any room of your home. The BXT128's Soft Drop™ design delivers the promise of safety with a gas shock folding system that provides a gentle descent every time.

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