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Bowflex BXT226 跑步机


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Bowflex Results Series™ BXT226 让您随心选择步行、慢跑或快跑模式,轻松获得非凡成效。BXT226 的规格视竞争性研究而定,自带诸多出众特性,例如带 USB 充电功能的便捷媒体支架、Comfort Tech™ 跑步平面支撑、一体式卡路里燃烧率控制台和内置扬声器。如果功能和价格实惠是您的关注点,那么 BXT226 绝对是您的理想选择。



  • 9 种预编程锻炼

  • 最高 19.3 千米/时

  • 15 % 斜度

  • 耐用 3 层 2.5 毫米皮带

  • Easy SoftDrop™ 可收纳设计

  • 与免费 Results Series™ 应用程序轻松同步

    适用于 Apple iOS 和 Android 设备1
  • 兼容蓝牙® 4.0

  • 自动 3 速风扇

  • 一体式扬声器音响系统


1该应用程序与安装了 iOS 9.0 或更高版本系统的 Apple 设备以及安装了 5.0 或更高版本系统的大多数 Android 设备兼容。

Meet Your Fitness Coach1

Integrates with the JRNY™ app and guides you through custom running workouts which automatically adjust as you progress.

Personalized Feedback1

In-workout coaching provides real-time feedback and tracking that instructs and motivates you towards success.

Explore the World™ App2

Automatically adjusts to your speed as you run through virtual courses, exotic locales, and stunning trails from around the globe.

2 Three free courses available. Unlock more with Explore the World™ app subscription.

Comfort Tech™

Finding a spacious deck that supports your body's needs is important. Our Comfort Tech™ is the gold standard for impact absorption, providing a softer and broader sweet spot for every step and unparalleled support. The spacious 51 cm x 152 cm running path was designed to simulate the freedom of the open road.

Soft Drop™ Technology

When it comes to saving space, we take pride in engineering compact products that fit in nearly any room of your home. The BXT226's Soft Drop™ design delivers the promise of safety with a gas shock folding system that provides a gentle descent every time.

Access the Digital Experience for Treadmills

The JRNY app guides your fitness journey.1

Individualized workouts that adjust to you1

Bowflex JRNY delivers daily, individualized running workouts that automatically adjust as your running improves, scaling every custom run to help you reach your goals.

Friendly virtual coaching that guides you1

Every run is accompanied by in-workout coaching and fitness tips that keep you on track and help you reach long term success.

Explore the World2

Explore the World™ allows you to tour the planet from the comfort of home, featuring locations like Death Valley, the Swiss Alps, and many more.

Celebrate milestones as you grow

Your accomplishments deserve to be celebrated! You'll receive in-depth analytics and virtual rewards to applaud your milestones, achievements, and personal bests.

Listen to Bowflex Radio1

Stream today's biggest hits with Bowflex Radio! Fuel your workout with an ever-changing lineup of new playlists, including Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock, 80's, and more.

Watch Video

1 Bowflex JRNY subscription required. Converts to a paid subscription when free trial ends.

After the free trial ends, your subscription will automatically renew monthly at then-current rates unless canceled at least 48 hours before the trial period ends. Manage or cancel your subscription via your App Store or Google Play Store account.

2 Three free courses available. Unlock more with Explore the World™ app subscription.

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