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Tailored workouts, on-demand classes, streaming shows, and more.

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Invest in your future self with a JRNY™ Membership.

JRNY screen showing tailored workout recommendations

Individualized adaptive workouts.

Experience tailored workout programming that automatically adapts as you get stronger.

JRNY screen showing new recommendations

Smart recommendations.

Recommends four fresh workouts every day based on your abilities and features you like best.

JRNY screen recalibrates suggestions based on your choices

Choose your effort.

Recalibrates time and difficulty based on personalized targets and how you're feeling that day.

JRNY workout metrics

Real-time coaching.

Keeps you within your target zones and motivates you through every milestone.

Stream entertainment within JRNY

Streaming entertainment.

Stream Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ during your individualized workouts.1, 2

JRNY screen showing new recommendations

Explore the world.

200+ stunning HD destinations you can explore at your own speed.

JRNY screenshot of a workout class instructor

On-demand classes.

Sweat it out with world-class trainers who inspire your best effort.

JRNY screen showing music playlists

Curated music playlists.

Match your pace with ever-changing playlists like pop, hip-hop, country, and more.

JRNY workout results summary screen

Rewards & tracking.

All-in-one tracking celebrates your milestones, achievements, and personal bests.

JRNY Explore the World workouts screenshot with easy navigation

Easy navigation

Simple navigation and workout selection means less scrolling and more moving.

Get the JRNY™ app

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Personalized fitness just for you.

Meet the digital fitness platform that gets to know you. It assesses your fitness level and recommends workouts based on your abilities, available time, mood, and the workout experiences you like best. You can stick to one routine or explore something new and personalized every day of the week. No matter what you choose, the JRNY™ digital fitness platform keeps you on track for long-term success in health and fitness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bowflex® home fitness products are compatible with the JRNY™ digital fitness platform?

Built-in touchscreen experience is available for: Bowflex® C7 bike, and Treadmills 56, 25 and 18.

JRNY™ app for phone or tablet is available for: Bowflex® Max Trainer® M8 and M6 machine, and 326, 226 and 128. Pair your JRNY™ app to expand your fitness experience.

How do adaptive workouts work?

First, the JRNY™ platform assesses your fitness level and designs workouts tailored to you and your personal fitness journey. Then, the JRNY™ platform recommends workouts based on your abilities and the workout experiences you favor. Finally, your JRNY™ workouts automatically adjust over time as you progress. The more you improve, the more your workouts adapt to keep you challenged. This removes the guesswork and creates a personalized fitness plan you can stick to for long-term success.

Does my JRNY™ Membership work for all family user profiles on my machine?

Yes. One single JRNY™ Membership covers any household member who has a user profile associated with your product.

How many individual user profiles can I set up for my household?

Unlimited user profiles are available for all products except for:

  • M8: 4 user profiles
  • M6: 2 user profiles
  • BXT326: 4 user profiles
  • BXT226: 4 user profiles
  • BXT128: 4 user profiles
When does my JRNY™ Membership become active?

If purchased through Bowflex.com, your JRNY™ Membership becomes active once you first log into the JRNY platform from your touchscreen or smart device.

If purchased through the App Store/Google Play, your membership becomes active as soon as you've completed your in-app purchase. If your membership is not activated within 60 days of purchase, Bowflex has the right to cancel the trial or to automatically activate your membership.

For additional questions check out the JRNY FAQ page.

One community. 2.5+ million completed workouts.

Thousands of members.
300+ million calories burned.
2.5+ million workouts completed.

5 star review

“Great app that creates workouts suited to my capabilities and workout history. Very easy to use.”

App Store

5 star review

“Opened the app and the machine connected immediately. It connects faster than my Bluetooth® headphones! The workout experience is great. I loved the fitness assessment. Now I am confident I can crush workouts!”

App Store

5 star review

“Very helpful and I like having a plan while the app tracks my progress. I feel like I am accomplishing my goals at a pace I can maintain.”

John S.
Google Play

5 star review

“My favorite coach is Tom Holland. He shows relatable reactions and talks like someone who is pushing hard would talk. He's out of breath. He's motivating. The workouts are good.”

Agent Merq
App Store

5 star review

“It sets out a training program just for you. Really like that it mixes up the workouts so you're not getting bored.”

Malcolm P.
Google Play

5 star review

“Super! Adjusts to your level then slowly increases over time as you become stronger.”

Leonardo N.
Google Play

5 star review

“Love this app. It keeps me focused and on point with my workouts.”

App Store

5 star review

“Amazing. Keeps track of my progress and the trainers are amazing.”

Google Play

5 star review

“Each set is different. JRNY appears to be in sync with me; not me with it. The routines get more challenging at a level I can do. I am feeling stronger and more confident with each workout. Go Bowflex.”

Google User
Google Play

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JRNY App on Mobile Device

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Get the JRNY™ app

Download iOS App on the App Store Download Andriod App on Google Play

1 JRNY™ Membership allows you to watch your existing Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+ accounts. Streaming subscriptions not included.

2 Streaming entertainment not available on JRNY™ app for smart phones/tablets.