Male working out on Bowflex HVT


Your Speed. Your Intensity. Your workout. Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, Hybrid Velocity Training adapts to you.

Bowflex HVT

Cardio + Strength

2 Workouts in 1

Cardio can burn calories, and strength can sculpt your body, but the Bowflex® HVT® machine does it all, combining cardio and strength into a fast and effective workout. By delivering 2 workouts in 1, the Bowflex HVT machine can help you build muscle and burn fat all at the same time to achieve the fit, lean, sculpted body you've always wanted.

Save Time

A Total Body Workout In About 18 Minutes!

Hybrid Velocity Training combines short bursts of cardio with dynamic, full-body movements designed to maximize muscle activation and provide a time-saving, high intensity workout in about 18 minutes!

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Free Training App

Built-In Coaching & Motivation

The FREE HVT App features personal coaching that guides you through your workout WHILE you’re doing it. Choose from 3 pre-programmed workouts designed to prompt your every move! Build your own routine in Manual Mode and explore 50 trainer-led videos shaped for every fitness level. With technology like this, you’ll become a Hybrid Velocity Pro from the moment you step on the platform.

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Size of the HVT versus a treadmill or traditional home gym

Save Space

Two Workouts in the Space of One

Size is a huge consideration when it comes to home fitness. Not enough space for multiple machines? No problem! Bowflex HVT machine combines an entire set of cardio and strength workouts into one compact design. Try that on for size!

HVT - up to 5X muscle activation

Burn more, Build more

Up to 5X More Muscle Activation

Using dynamic movements like the lunge chest fly, the HVT® workout can activate up to 5X more musclesΔ than traditional strength training and on average can burn as many calories as running 1.5 miles.‡ ∞

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Δ 2016 Study. The Lunge Chest Fly can activate 21 additional muscles when performed as prescribed compared to a standard chest fly.

‡ 2016 University Study. During a Bowflex HVT sprint workout, on average participants burned the caloric equivalent of running 1.5 miles at 7 mph on a treadmill.

Individual results will vary.